Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Round of Thanks!

During our recent trip to Ukraine, we found a vast, beautiful, changing country of great diversity, both in communities and landscape. We saw dramatic coastlines, vast fertile fields of wheat, high mountain meadows, large cities and tiny villages, all with a wide array of foods and traditions.
However, more important are the many people we met along the way and those that continue to support the Pickle Project, without whom our work would not be possible.  Our partners are a cornerstone of the Pickle Project. Their enthusiastic on-the-ground assistance during this trip and ongoing collaborations make a great difference in our work. Specific thanks to:
· Ihor and Tania Poshyvailo from the Ivan Honchar Museum, Kyiv (with translation assistance from Valentina Bochkovska)
· Valentyna Sakhenko from Eko-Art, Donetsk
· Hannah Shelest from Promotion of Intercultural Cooperation, Odessa
· Ihor Savchuk, Sofiya Kosarchyn, Bozhena Zakaliuzhna and Olha Kotska from the Centre for Cultural Management, L’viv
Our thanks also go to a very long list (we hope we haven’t missed anyone) of wonderful people who provided translation, food and cultural research suggestions and ideas, transportation support and coordination, a place to rest our weary heads, a lovely meal with family, and so much more. In no particular order, we raise an appreciative glass to:
  • The entire Leonenko family, Donetsk (and Irina, there in spirit!)
  • Svitlana and Vladimir Salamatov, their family and neighbors,  Kyiv
  • Neshet, Lenura, Serdar and Safie Seytaptiev, Ak-Meshet, Crimea
  • Katia Burkush, Kyiv
  • Barb Weiser, Peace Corps Volunteer, Simferopol/Ak-Meshet, Crimea
  • Cheryl Pratt, Peace Corps Volunteer, Sovetskiy, Crimea
  • Lidia Lykhach, Kyiv/US
  • Galina Chumak, Donetsk Art Museum, Donetsk
  • Staff at the village museum in Prelestno, Donetsk’a Oblast
  • Staff at the Greek museum in Sartana, Donetsk’a Oblast
  • Workers at the restaurant in Sartana,  Donetsk’a Oblast
  • Lyubov, Ethnographer from the Museum of Local History, Donetsk
  • Alie Yuldasheva, Simferopol
  • Arzy Emirova, Crimea
  • Christi-Anne Hofland, L’viv
  • Eugene Chervony (L’viv) and family, L’vivska Oblast
  • Ania Ivanchenko, Donetsk
  • Alexandra Kirichenko, Donetsk
  • Carina, Donetsk
  • Natalia Bogachova, Odessa
  • Olya Kik, Oksana Terteka and Halja Pavlyshyn, L’viv
  • Nataliya Stryamets and the entire Stryamets family, L’viska Oblast
  • Olya and Mykola in Akreshori, Ivano-Frankivs'ka oblast
  • Cheesemakers Vasyl, Mykolya, Mykolya and others
  • All the market vendors everywhere!
Of course, last but certainly not least, we also extend our warmest gratitude to our Kickstarter backers, as well as key supporting partners Shelburne Farms and the Trust for Mutual Understanding, that enable us to conduct this vital fieldwork, continue to expand our network and further build the Pickle Project!

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