Friday, July 22, 2011

One Last Market Report: L'viv, July 2011

Sarah and I have returned home to the US with thousands of photos and pages of notes--but here's one more market report from our last city visit in Ukraine, L'viv.  Enjoy!   Above, a salad vendor.  Below, a lovely mother/daughter team selling houseplants.
A pampushki (doughnut) vendor hidden amongst the sunglasses for sale.
Beans and carrots, and below,  a mural in the dairy/meat building and two kinds of mushrooms.
And smetana, sour cream, which bears absolutely no resemblance to any sour cream you might eat in the United States.  Delicious.
And finally, on a record-breaking hot day all across the United States, a cooling glimpse of watermelon as we come to a temporary end to market reports from Ukraine, but the start of many more blog posts on all we saw, learned and experienced. 


  1. the 2nd mushrooms are boletes, usually called 'pravdyvi'. the first are ???


  2. Thanks for the identification! Actually, I am not sure about the name of the first one.. Any ideas out there from our mycology-informed readers?