Friday, July 15, 2011

Market Report: Odessa, July 2011

We're having a hard time keeping up with posts, but last night made a list of more than 50 posts we want to write based on our amazing time here.  We promise we'll get to all of them sooner or later!  But for now, a quick market report from Odessa.  Above, a beautiful bowl of sour cherries.
A shy market vendor shows off his dried apricots.
Pickled apples.  Anyone ever tried them?
Many kinds of sunflower seeds, a popular snack everywhere in Ukraine--fried in a pan and eaten!
Odessa's market vendors were virtually all incredibly friendly--and this one was kind enough to pose for a picture...but then...
This market lady called the two of us over, and whipped out her pocket camera to snap one of the two of us together.
No, not Coke, but hand-squeezed juices including pomegranate and grapefruit.  Recycling at its best.
And a shy young vendor (just finished sleeping, his mom said) amidst beautiful greens.  Next up, market post from L'viv!

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  1. why are the sunflower seeds labeled as 'maslyanka' (i.e., buttermilk)? if 'sunflower seeds' = 'maslyanka', then 'buttermilk' = ???