Saturday, October 15, 2011

Market Report, Organic Edition, October 15

On a cold rainy Saturday, Caleb Zigas and I headed out for the Organic Market in Podil.  A one day event, we were curious to check out what was on offer, and to learn a bit more about organic growing and eating in Ukraine.  Much more to come, we hope, about organic growing in general here, as it's fascinating, but here's a bit of what we saw.

A pig roast, which was excellent--you can see Caleb, left, and our new acquaintance, Vladimir, enjoying it.
A display of flowers and peppers, melons and squash labeled organic, fair trade coffee.
 A terrific soup, with the smoked pork, beans, potatoes, and tiny dumplings, cooked over an over fire.
And finally, behind the scenes at one of the tents, a generous feast of homemade horseradish vodka along with salo, dark bread, homemade butter and tvarog.  Delicious!

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