Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Market Report: Carnivores Edition, March 30, 2011, Kyiv

This post is for carnivores only.  At markets,  meat is on display in its many forms.  Ukrainian butchers really use the tip to tail, so beloved by trendy chefs.  I didn't get a picture, but I think oxtails today, along with tongue, liver,  hearts, and more.  And of course, salo,  the pork fat much beloved here.  So, meat-eaters, enjoy!  Vegetarians, avert your eyes!


  1. ммм... сало! you could do a whole blog entry dedicated to just that! :-)

    a tasty combo is to take some salo and cook it down, then add sauteed onions, pour this off into a container, store in the fridge, use as a spread on bread, or on hot varenyky, or on hot potatoes. mmm...

  2. Actually, there is one Pickle Project Post dedicated to salo: BUT, I agree, with such an inspiring topic, one could go on for volumes.. And, thanks for the serving salo serving suggestion!