Monday, January 24, 2011

The Official T-Shirt

Yes, it's true.  Supporters at the $50 level or above on Kickstarter will receive our official Pickle Project T-shirt.  It's 100% cotton, designed and hand-stencilled in the size you desire--but, we need to reach our goal in order to make the T-shirts available to all our great supporters--so pledge before February 1! 

And our heart-felt thanks to all our backers.  You're amazing!


  1. маринаді проекту - my Ukrainian grammer is not that great, but that just "sounds" funny? Shouldn't that be something like "проєкт маринади" (project of marinades) or possibly "маринадний проєкт" (marinade project) or possibly "маринадні проєкти" (marinade projects) or maybe "маринаді проект" (a project for / of/ about marinades)?

  2. Yeah, a bit nonsensical, did you use a translator?
    try: проєкт маринад

  3. Thanks, anonymouses for your comments. We got many suggestions (see comment @1) on the best way to say it. However, this was only a test T-shirt and we have revised it to reflect a consensus of suggestions. Which perhaps means people will still disagree!

  4. theres a right way to say it and a wrong way response 2... is correct however

  5. > проєкт маринад

    that sounds pretty good! now why didn't i say that in my long comment (the first anony-myshka) :-)

    btw, what ever happened to 'квашені огірки' - was that even considered?