Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Historic Images 2

More historic images collected at the antique market here in Kyiv,  including the lovely oil sketch above, of a field showing the rich dark soil  that helped make Ukraine the breadbasket of Europe.  

This postcard represents the most common (and least interesting to me) images of rural life, farming and/or food here in Ukraine.   These were evidently produced for consumption here and elsewhere, as some bear the title, "Petit Russia,"  a name sometimes used by others for Ukraine.

Have foodways photos to share from Ukraine--historic or contemporary, we want to hear from you!
(and once again, apologies for the not-great quality of images--snapped photos of the originals, not scans).

1 comment:

  1. I actually find the "Petit Russia" postcard rather interesting because it is a commercially produced image. I wonder what this was image attempting to convey about rural life in Ukraine, and to whom? (And, further, how does this image relate to agenda-driven Socialist Realist illustrations?)